In this article, SMS-HEG talks about UK Scholarships for International Students.

In recent years, students are becoming increasingly more aware about opportunities of studying in UK, and studying in UK has become a way of gaining international experience, broaden their knowledge and expanding their network by meeting people from various walks of life. UK has been particularly popular because of its education standards and it being one of the best places to live. Due to its high quality of education,

With such a high number of international students coming to UK for pursuing their dreams, UK offers a number of student scholarships for international students to fund their studies. This is the key driver of yearly student growth in UK. 

There are different types of scholarships offered to the international students. 

Merit Based Scholarships

These scholarships are merit based and depend on the academic/extracurricular performance of the student

Student Specific Scholarships

These scholarships are based on the gender, race and financial conditions of the student applying for scholarship

Destination Specific Scholarships

These scholarships are provided by government of the country where the student is going to study

Subject Specific Scholarships

These scholarships are granted to the students by certain universities for certain fields of study

Need Based Scholarships

These scholarships are granted to the specific students who face financial constraints due to parent’s financial background

Athletic Scholarships

These scholarships are provided to the students who can represent university in sports

Some of the most popular government scholarships for international students are

British Chevening Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to the students who are going to pursue one year master’s degree and is available to students from 160 Chevening eligible countries. This is a fully funded scholarship and included travel expenses, living cost and course fees. Given the popularity of this scholarship, its crucial to apply early and be thorough with your application. 

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship

British council in partnership with Charles Wallace India Trust, provides this grant to Indian students who are in the middle stages of their careers or are studying towards a heritage conservation, arts or humanities degree. 

Commonwealth Masters Scholarship

Commonwealth Masters Scholarship caters to talented students from commonwealth countries who are willing to pursue a master’s degree from the UK. This I scholarship is granted by Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (SCS) and sponsored by the Department of International Development (DFID) in the UK. This is a fully funded scholarship and includes tuition fee, to and fro air fare, living expenses and thesis grants, which are subjected to eligibility. 

In addition to these scholarships, the students who are willing to study in UK can also avail scholarships from the universities where they have applied to study. Few of universities from our network that provide these scholarships are: 

Birmingham City University 

2,000 GBP scholarship for first academic year tuition fees of undergraduate/postgraduate degree. 

London Metropolitan University 

2,500 GBP scholarship for first academic year tuition fees of undergraduate/postgraduate degree 

De Montfort University 

1,500 GBP scholarship for first academic year tuition fees of undergraduate/postgraduate/PhD. program 

Solent University 

Scholarships ranging from 500 GBP to 3,000 GBP for different courses offered at the university 

University of Oxford 

Scholarships range from 5,000 GBP to 15,000 GBP annually based on the course and cover full tuition fees. 

Liverpool John Moores University 

Scholarships are awarded for undergraduate/postgraduate program and selected students are given grants of 3,000 GBP for first academic year and GBP 1,000 for subsequent years. 

Gates Cambridge University 

Scholarships cover the full cost of study and are offered to students pursuing postgraduate degree. Additionally, students receive a maintenance allowance of 17,500 GBP. 

Competition to avail scholarships is tough and the granters take into account several parameters including academics to make their decision about granting a scholarship. Hence, it is advised to plan early and get ahead of competition. 

Our expert team at SMS Higher Education Group can help international students studying in the UK to secure scholarships because of our strong ties with UK universities. We invest in you and can inform you about the right courses that offer scholarship to benefit your future. 

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